Decarbonizing the World with Next Generation Green Fuels

Avina provides clean hydrogen solutions at scale to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors. We build, own, and operate green hydrogen and hydrogen derivative plants. 

We use a technology-enabled approach to deliver competitively priced green hydrogen and derivative fuels. Our customer base is worldwide and spans all sectors where green hydrogen is used as a feedstock or energy carrier. 

Sectors We Serve

Avina enables hydrogen adoption across industry sectors to unlock a more sustainable future. Our solutions reduce carbon emissions, foster energy independence, and create a cleaner planet for generations to come.

Ammonia serves diverse industries such as agriculture, chemical manufacturing, and energy production, meeting various customer needs. Ammonia as a hydrogen carrier enables efficient storage, transport, and hydrogen delivery, addressing energy density and infrastructure challenges.

Ammonia is a promising solution for large-scale energy storage and can be transported and distributed using existing infrastructure. Ammonia as a maritime fuel reduces emissions and aligns with environmental regulations.

We plan to play a vital role in meeting the demand for ammonia as a maritime fuel. Ammonia’s versatility and our global expertise in green hydrogen as well as executing several green ammonia plants position us as key players in the evolving ammonia industry.

Avina Clean Hydrogen supports the transportation sector’s transition to green hydrogen-based e-fuels like sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and e-methanol. Customers in aviation, marine, automotive, and industrial sectors seek sustainable alternatives to reduce carbon emissions.

The market for e-fuels is growing due to environmental consciousness and regulatory requirements. Avina offers a reliable supply of green hydrogen, collaborates on e-fuels infrastructure, and engages in technological partnerships.

Our efforts drive awareness, education, and adoption of e-fuels, enabling customers to meet sustainability goals. We plan to play a pivotal role in the production and distribution of green hydrogen-based e-fuels, advancing the transition towards a greener transportation sector.

Avina Clean Hydrogen supports the transition to green hydrogen in transportation by providing infrastructure development and technological collaboration. We enable zero-emission mobility, meeting customer needs for environmental sustainability, range, and fuel availability.

Avina offers compressed and liquefied hydrogen solutions for convenient storage and transportation. We work with stakeholders to expand hydrogen refueling infrastructure, promote technology adoption, and establish a reliable supply chain. Avina’s efforts raise awareness and educate customers about the benefits of green hydrogen in transportation.

Our support drives the widespread adoption of clean and sustainable transportation options.

Avina Clean Hydrogen provides low-carbon hydrogen as a feedstock for steel production. Our decentralized production facilities ensure localized supply, reducing transportation costs.

We work with companies that are leveraging advancements in hydrogen-based direct reduction technologies to promotes sustainable steel production.

Green hydrogen can play a key role to complement intermittent renewable energy generation, both as a long duration storage option and as a source of blend fuel in gas turbines to increase power system flexibility.

Avina’s solutions are particularly relevant for data centers that are seeking 24×7 clean energy supply and backup power options.

Latest Projects

Advancing 3GW of Projects Addressing Hard-to-Decarbonize Sectors