Nueces Green Ammonia

Green Ammonia for Export

Nueces Green Ammonia
Meeting Global Demand for Green Ammonia

Avina is developing a world-scale anhydrous ammonia facility in Texas, to meet domestic and global demands for green ammonia to improve international energy security with 21st century fuels.

Nueces Green Ammonia is set to become the largest zero-emission Green Ammonia production facility in North America supported by 100% additional renewable assets. The plant features a state-of-the-art electrolysis system to produce carbon-free hydrogen from water, a key component in the ammonia creation process. Notably, Nueces Green Ammonia is scheduled to go live ahead of most competitors, showcasing our commitment to leading the industry in sustainable production.

• Project production capacity: 800,000 metric ton per anum ammonia production.
• 75-100 high-paid permanent jobs.
• 500+ construction jobs from 2025 to 2028
• $2.2 billion capital investment
• $10+ million local tax contribution

Facility Facts:

Liquid ammonia produced from renewable hydrogen and nitrogen gases
Final investment decision estimated in Q3 2024
Pre-FEED study completed, FEED study underway
Major project milestones completed
2H, 2024
Final Investment Decision
2H, 2027
Phase 1 COD
2H, 2028
Phase 2 COD

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are building the world’s first at-scale green ammonia plant to serve industries such as fertilizer, shipping and power generation without the carbon associated with traditional fossil-based processes. In an industry dominated by global fossil fuel producers, we stand out for enabling green fertilizers, sustainable maritime transportation and sustainable power generation. To make zero carbon shipping, fertilizers and power generation a reality, Avina will be investing billions of dollars, creating well-paying jobs and advancing cutting edge research in the emerging green hydrogen sector.

Traditional manufacturers extract hydrogen from hydrocarbons, releasing carbon into the atmosphere. At Avina, we do things differently. First, we make hydrogen through electrolysis of water and we take our energy from renewable sources. We concentrate nitrogen from air in an Air Separation Unit and combine it with hydrogen to produce ammonia. Our plant is designed with industry leading noise control systems and best available emissions control technologies across the manufacturing process to ensure that smell from plant operations is undetectable within the local community. Our process design incorporates cutting-edge technology that minimizes water demand compared to traditional ammonia production methods. This significantly reduces our reliance on local water resources.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on natural gas and produce significant CO2 emissions, our facility utilizes electrolysis powered by 100% renewable energy sources, resulting in nearly zero CO2 emissions. This significantly reduces our environmental footprint and contributes to combating climate change. We produce hydrogen from dedicated renewable energy resources, minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Yes, the green ammonia facility will be designed and operated in strict adherence to rigorous safety standards and regulations. The facility will implement comprehensive safety measures, including advanced technology, emergency response protocols and continuous monitoring systems.

The economic benefits of the green ammonia project are substantial. We anticipate the creation of 500 construction jobs, followed by 75-100 permanent high-paid positions and an additional 200-250 indirect jobs. This influx of skilled workers will contribute to increased economic activity, positively impacting the local housing market.

Moreover, the project is projected to generate over $10 million in annual tax revenue, providing essential funds to enhance local infrastructure, services, and schools.